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RB Rahmir Johnson [Nebraska - Signed LOI]


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49 minutes ago, SUHperman said:

Enjoyed his visit. Was at the basketball game and was hosted by Martinez. 


Said the coaches initially plan on using him at RB and the slot but once he has that down they want him to learn the X and Y. 


Will sign in December but can’t enroll early as his school does not allow it. 


Said he was sold on Nebraska as soon as he got the offer. 


I like this move. He is built like and plays like J.D. Spielman.

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29 minutes ago, swmohusker said:

He is the size of jd right now.  He will probably play around 195 in college.  Reminds me of RB from iowa akrum wadley.  Of course he will be better utilized in our offense.  

Great quote and very good information - however regardings our neighbors to the East.


"He is the size of jd right now.  He will probably play around 195 in college.  Reminds me of RB                    akrum wadley.  Of course he will be better utilized in our offense."

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7 hours ago, Sker4Ever said:

Wandale will get all the attention for skill position guys this signing day, but I think this kid is an absolute stud who will have a very productive career. IMO it says a lot about this class when this kid is quietly a member of it.

Agree 10000%. I think he's the steal of the class. Dude's tape is off the charts. 

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2 hours ago, Huskers93-97 said:

He was a 4 Star- then dropped to a 3 Star soon after he committed. How is that possible. Guy is a stud 

I've got to think he will be bumped back to a 4 - star.  He plays football in North Jersey against amazing competition.  Those private schools in the area get kids form the trip-state area, probably charge 20k a year to go there, and have about 4k boys attending.  They get the cream of the crop. 

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