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Team Meeting

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Exterior: Nebraska Football Locker Room

Interior: Nebraska Locker Room

[Coach Scott Frost enters the room, the chatter amongst the players fall silent.]


And Scene...


Coach Frost: [Calm, collected, and smooth] Good morning men.  Today starts a new day and era in the history of Nebraska football.  Today, we put aside what happened with the previous coaches.  Today we start with the Fierce and Fast mantra.  Today we start anew with focus on getting better.  Today we ask: what can each of us do better so that we are better today than we were yesterday?  Each of us has a job to do and each of us are expected to do that job with no excuses or whining.  


[Intensity Rising] As you saw in our game against Auburn, good things happen when you play hard, physical, and fast.  Good things happen when you give 100% effort and never give up.  And great things happen when you play for the man next to you.  Effort, desire, teamwork, positive attitude, and never giving up will be the defining characteristics of this team going forward. 


[Maximum Intensity] We are going to show the Big 10 West that we are no longer their punching bag.  We are going to show the entire Big 10 what it truly means to face Nebraska.  We are going to serve notice that the days of coming into our house and winning are over.  We are going take the last 15 years of pain, misery, failure, and embarrassment; and we are going to turn it into a hammer, forged through fire, into an instrument where we pound our opponents into submission.  Where we are relentless in our quest to return to being the most dominant college football team in this great land.  We will never stop until all the college football world sees Nebraska on their schedule and, a year or two out, and they are already afraid.  Today, we stand at the cusp of greatness and will never surrender...to ANYONE!!!!


[Tears are in Stanley Morgan and JD Spielman's eyes]


Morgan and Spielman: We're with you 100% coach!


Rest of the team erupts in joyous cheers!!!


[RB Greg Bell runs through a brick wall.]



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