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Who's Worse: Riley VS Callahan

Dark Days Remembered  

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1 hour ago, ScottyIce said:


Yeah honestly, who cares at this point? Do we need to keep dunking our heads under water for all of eternity?


Uh, in case this is your first time here.... Recruiting season actually never ends in college sports.

I think we have the right guy and heading in the right direction. So I am not afraid to talk about the dark ages of husker football in good fun. 


I understand recruiting never stops, but its not that interesting. Historically how many kids commit after signing day and before spring game? Not much that I can recall. Few kids leading up to spring game might pull the trigger.

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Callahan was slightly better. Dropped that 73-point bomb on KSU toward the end of '07, and put up 51 on CU. Even at the end of a bad season, they were making it work. Horrible defense, but Ganz and Co. were lighting it up, and there was still pride to play for.


Last season, everything died after the loss to NIU. They looked like a bunch of kids that just wanted to get it over with, and none of us have ever seen that kind of attitude and disinterested coaching wearing Scarlet and Cream. Just unacceptable. 


Hope Frost can turn things around quickly. He certainly has on the recruiting trail.

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That would be Suh, and I think John Blake was intrumental in getting him here . 

Callhan was much better in many aspects though IMO . If he would have fired Cosgrove and brought in a good DC things would have gone much better . 

Riley was hired for the wrong reasons and really should have never been here . Glad that dark era is over . We finally got it right now though, and Husker nation is looking up . GBR

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