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NSD Announcement Schedule

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This has become quite interesting. At one point in time, it seemed like we really wouldn't have much NSD drama. Now all of the sudden, a decent sized chunk of our class is involved in it.


For comparison's sake, Riley had us all on the edge of our seats multiple times, but left us yearning for more on NSD for big recruits frequently.  It's not fair to judge Frost on his first one at Nebraska, but it seems like he could immediately shake the pattern of "missing" on NSD. Let's hope we land em all!

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This is my opinion of who I think we get, in order of most likely to least likely to commit:


Surprised if they don't commit:

1. Maurice Washington - :bigredn:

2. Willie Canty - :bigredn:

3. Cam Taylor  - :bigredn:


Up in the air, wouldn't surprise me either way:

4. Caleb Tannor - :bigredn:

5. Andre Hunt - :bigredn:

6. Ken Montgomery - Committed to Maryland

7. Otito Ogbonnia - Committed to UCLA


Long shots, but still possible:

8. Javontae Jean-Baptiste - Committed to Ohio State

9. Taiyon Palmer - Committed to NC State

10. Jarrett Bell - Committed to Arizona State

* - If any of these 3 want it, they'll make room for them - if they have to turn guys away, I expect Hunt to be the first one told thanks, but no thanks.


If Canty and Bell both turn us down, expect Jalan Robinson to be given the green light to commit if he wants in.



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updated with some commitments
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Thanks for doing this @ScottyIce. Saves me the time of refreshing all the time. Is there a list of committed players that we are waiting for signed LOI's? If not it's not a big deal. I know people here are good at updating ASAP. Thanks again.

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