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36 minutes ago, Crusader Husker said:

If Dems said they stood for Jesus, Evangelical Christians would become atheist just to be on the opposite side.  


I would call myself conservative, but not a Republican.  I would say I am fiscally conservative and socially libertarian.  I am tired of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, when sometimes the enemy of my enemy is just and idiot.  This is how Trump won in 2016.  Evangelical Christians sold their soul to the devil.

Well said, and could refer to several other posters here.

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On 4/25/2022 at 5:44 AM, Scarlet said:

I'm going with internal sabotage first, second would be someone's intelligence services/special forces maybe in conjunction with #1.  Putin doesn't need a false flag anymore I don't think.  Plus I'm not sure he'd do that on a facility with military value like an oil depot.  He'd probably blow up a school or church if he were to do a false flag. 



Cheaper to plant a laptop with fake photos in kgb run computer repair shop.


I am loving the new Twitter already 



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