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1 hour ago, Notre Dame Joe said:

They say war is about the choices between bad and worse 

So are you for troops or not?


Because your post I originally responded to sure seemed like the US and NATO weren’t doing enough.  Troops are pretty much the only thing they haven’t done.

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3 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

If Putin decides to pull out today, these sanctions should still stay on for a while. Make them really feel the pain.  

the way i see it...putin has gone off the deep end.  he isn't stopping.    he will continue until he is put in the ground by russians.    i really do think that the sanctions will hit too hard and he will most likely be assassinated by the russian mob.  maybe i am only hoping...but the mob really doesn't like losing money.  maybe they are somehow profiting from this war....but the sanctions have to hurt.

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