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14 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Or….when he openly ridiculed a former POW claiming he only likes soldiers that don’t get captured…..meanwhile, he avoided the draft like the plague.  


It is all so very sick.  I just can describe how sick it is -  Rev Jones and Kool-Aid drinking sick.  How the GOP has gotten so conditioned and sucked into this cult is beyond me.  Putin has been working at this for years - well before Trump I believe to entrap the GOP mind with so many lies - or perhaps the lies were already in the GOP mind and he knew our to take advantage of it via Trump and his ilk. 

32 minutes ago, teachercd said:

I smell Top Gun III:  This one is for Goose


It will turn out that goose died because a Russian worked on his plane and did a bad job with the cockpit.  Gooses grandson married a Ukrainian woman.


This writes itself. 

Amen - one for the Goose for sure.  

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It's worth wondering how this ends, considering how poorly this is starting for Putin.




Here's the whole thread:

A thread on Russia

It will be becoming clear to those around Putin, the first and second tier of ‘siloviki’ (security apparatus), oligarchs and technocrats that make up the ‘greater Kremlin’, that whatever happens with this war, 

things will never go back to normal under the same leadership: ie Russian politicians who rant and rail against the West at home while at the same time hiding their stolen cash in the West and enjoying their European holidays in their villas in Tuscany and the south of France, 
their yachts mooring at exotic destinations around the world, their children getting expensive educations at British private schools. That is over. The potentates and princelings of the greater Kremlin are today contemplating their future and asking themselves: 
Do I want to live in a vast replica of North Korea, completely cut off from the rest of the world. I think Putin, if he isn’t too divorced from reality to understand this, has made his choice. He is prepared for total isolation. 
To be the leader of a wounded and aggrieved nation in permanent conflict with the rest of the world. There may be a few, especially among the ‘siloviki’ (the most powerful) who are willing to go down this road with him. 
But many, I suspect, are not. They like the life they’ve built up over the past two decades of self-enrichment and they will be wondering to themselves: can we somehow maintain any of this? And if so can we do it under our present leader? 
If they conclude they can’t, then they face a huge and terrifying choice: to get out (to where?); to go down with the ship; or…. To try to replace the captain. But - and this is the real problem… 
Putin’s genius over the past two decades has been to turn himself into the structural institution through which power is exercised in Russia. He is in many ways no longer a person but an institution. The tree trunk that holds all the branches of the greater Kremlin in place. 
They will be thinking to themselves: can we remove this tree trunk without bringing the whole structure crashing down? Can we do it quickly and cleanly, without infighting with massively unpredictable consequences? 
A very few may be whispering these thoughts very quietly to trusted friends, if they have such things. For they know that to make a move on Putin, you have to succeed. The price of failure is very high indeed. 
In Russia, change happens rarely but suddenly. Windows of opportunity are small and come along only once in a few decades. This may well be one of those windows. But it is fraught with danger. 


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9 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

Did he ridicule a POW and claim he doesn’t respect him because of it?   

Nope, but you brought deferments for some reason.  Wasn’t sure if you knew about TCG’s deferments and figured you would like to comment on them.  

Trump should not have disparaged McCain’s military service.  

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8 minutes ago, knapplc said:

Take this with a grain of salt, because I'm not seeing anywhere that these numbers are verified. 


But for perspective, the US lost 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. Over 20 years.


This is (allegedly) all in four days.





If these numbers are accurate, the only strategy that would even make sense is that Putin is intentionally sacrificing soldiers, thinking their deaths will solidify support for the war in Russia. That is the only way any of this makes sense. 


Of course the flip side is that he greatly overestimated Russia's capabilities, and greatly underestimated Ukraine's. 

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12 hours ago, nic said:

I was reading through all this good stuff and then you ended with Trump being Trump. Maybe two different posts would be better. One with good news about Ukraine and another about Trumps latest rant. The dude isn’t  president and doesn’t even have a Twitter account and I still can’t get away from him, because people keep obsessing about what he says. I did see that he didn’t have a message for Putin when directly asked. That was disappointing. He is still obsessing about not getting any dirt on Biden out of Ukraine, I guess.


I'm sure it's frustrating that some people can't stop dragging Trump back into every conversation, but he is the #1 GOP candidate by far for the 2024 election, and we need to stop and put a stake in the ground whenever Trump and his loyalists are exposed for being incredibly wrong and dangerous. 

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