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Oh here’s another one .  GIF should be pronounce with a hard G. It stands for Graphic interchange format . Saying Jiff is incorrect silliness that needs to stop . 

I think this new guy The Finger seems nice.  Smart, well balanced and he's going to fit in here for a long, long time.

Can we ban him RIGHT NOW?????

10 hours ago, NUinID said:


You are just like countless other Americans who only see the lack of scoring and say it is boring.  We didn't grow up watching it so we don't understand the game.  It is the most popular sport in the world though.  It really is a game, at the premier level, that is played by very highly skilled athletes. 


I don't watch fute ball all that often,  but I do watch the World Cup with a passing interest.  With the US not making the finals this year I probably will not be as interested.  


There are other sports that are very popular around the world that don't make a dent in the USA.  F-1 racing is probably only 2nd to soccer in popularity around the world.  Track and Field is actually a spectator sport in most of Europe.  Cricket is a huge sport in about 30% of the world population.   


Just like we don't get the draw of soccer most non Americans don't get the draw of American Football.  




It’s not the lack of scoring that bothers me. I absolutely love a defense controlled hockey game. And it’s not because I didn’t grow up watching it. I didn’t begin watching hockey until the mid 90’s. The problems I have with soccer is the few times I had to play it in PE it was literally the boringest thing I ever participated in. I ain’t running around that much for no reason. I didnt like track for the same reason. When I run I want to get somewhere and do something, hit somebody, shoot, score, something. And then when we had kids it was the thing to have them try. 5-6-7-8 years old soccer is brutal bad. IDK, maybe my family is just bad at it so I don’t like it. I’ve no doubt that pro players are highly skilled athletes. There are just about 40 other sports I’d rather watch before soccer.

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On 3/7/2018 at 1:13 AM, Making Chimichangas said:

Bacon is disgusting.


Game of Thrones sucks.  


On 3/7/2018 at 7:03 PM, Making Chimichangas said:

Guacamole is hands down the most disgusting, vile, abomination to ever be called "food."


20 hours ago, Making Chimichangas said:

Coffee is awful.  Seriously, the smell of it brewing almost makes me want to gag.


0 for 4. Not a good batting average.

Ya know, not too long ago in our history this likely would’ve been enough evidence to get you burned at the stake.

Seriously, those are 4 of my most favorite things. In fact, I think I like the smell of coffee brewing more than I actually like drinking it.

I’ve figured it out though. It’s the bacon thing putting it over the top.

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I've watched Conan since his 5yr anniversary on Late Night.  Still enjoy his show, although it has become heavily liberal.  There isn't a more sincere, honest, kind and good hearted talk show host than Conan.  The guy is an absolute class act.  I can totally see why some would not like him, but he truly is an amazing person from a humanitarian standpoint.


And Leno sucks ass.

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My girlfriend and I recently decided to cut down on the amount of animal products we consume & transition towards veganism. I'm a dude who has lived in the weight room pretty consistently ever since high school & has always really loved all types of meat, so the transition was really tough to start & has been difficult, but rewarding. Luckily we're taking it fairly slowly. Anyway, on with the unpopular opinions bit...


1. The way we raise animal for slaughter & the conditions they're subjected to on the way to our dinner tables SUCKS.


2. Tofu is an acceptable form of protein.


3. Dairy milk has been entirely supplanted by soy & almond milk & I don't even miss it.


Get at me :lol:

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2 hours ago, Comfortably Numb said:

I agree. Fallon, Kimmel, Colbert, and Conan all suck. I don’t even know who Samantha Bee is. Haven’t really liked any talk show hosts since Johnny Carson and early Letterman.



I used to watch Conan for some reason back in the day. Just left it on NBC after Leno.

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Grew up watching Carson and Letterman good stuff . Leno wasn’t funny Conan either imo  . I work weird hours so I watch quite a bit of late night tv depending on my shift . I like Colbert ,Seth Myers , Corbin , and I used to like Craig Ferguson (acquired taste for sure)  . Kinmel  is ok , Fallon is to wimpy for my taste,  and Carson Daly is as blah as it gets sheesh . I could see how right wingers and Trump  supporters would hate a lot of my faves because  they’re making a killing off the buffoonery of Trump and  this administration. They don’t even have to make things up it’s easy money . Hillarious too imo . 

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Oh, I thought we were talking about legit talk show hosts. Seth Meyer and Craig Ferguson are a whole new level of bad. I didn't include them originally because I figured everyone obviously hated them. Can't figure out how Meyer is even given air time. He's the worst of the worst.

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