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Safety Voting Thread

Starting Lineup  

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  • Deep Coverage - These guys are the last line of defense for any long pass play. They should be able to sniff out the deep routes and keep the opposing QB from finding a wideout with an open field. This poster can add those last few deep thoughts to end a thread or find the inside information from a local city that no one else has heard.
  • Hard-Hitting, Old Schooler - Just like Larry "The Assassin" Asante, this guy hits you so hard that you think you're on the merry-go-round. His posts are right at the center of the issue and puts his opinion right to the wall. At the same time, he's so tough and dedicated that he can play (or type as the case may be) with a severed finger!
  • Interchangeable - Many CB's switch to Safety in the "later years" of their career – Eric Hagg comes to mind. They still play at a high level, and can still return the ball to the house. They have the skills of a Huskerboard CB - quickness and jumping ability, just maybe not the blinding speed of "younger bucks"... This poster is a Husker Football guru during the season and has plenty of info/insight to add through recruiting season, Spring Ball and on through summer conditioning.



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