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Fullback Nomination Thread

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Full Back:

  • Hard-Nosed - When this guy runs the ball, it's going to be right through the line! If you need a first down, he's going to pound the ball fast and in your face. This poster tells it like it is and doesn't hold back any emotion.
  • Blocker - The FB can be the guy who springs the last hole for the RB or could stand up an oncoming LB in his tracks. Any time a poster needs a little extra info to make his point, this guy is right there to help him out! As with other blockers, this poster might not get the flashy TV time like the QB, RB, and WR do.
  • Sure Hands - Primarily involved on 3rd down, you have to watch for this guy's late screening ability. Not only can he get that last yard, but the FB can stop on a five yard route and bang his way to the first down or even a TD! So ideally, the person most befitting of FB might not be a "dedicated" poster, but when they are here, they make good on their appearance.


Please nominate the person you feel best exemplifies these traits on HuskerBoard.


Not eligible: GSG, zoogs, ColoradoHusk, Moiraine, Redux, Hedley Lamarr, teachercd, BigRedBuster, seaofred92, In the Deed the Glory, VectorVictor, dudeguyy, Stumpy1, Red Five, ScottyIce, TGHusker, famoustitles, B.B. Hemingway, Cdog923, RedDenver, Dilly Dilly, gobiggergoredder, commando, The Dude, lo country, NM11046 & Qmany (already elected this year)



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My Bad. Wrong thread.

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Wrong thread, needs to go into contest thread.

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