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Kick Returner Nomination Thread

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Kick Returner:

  • RB wanna-be - When no opening is created, a Kick Returner normally tries to plow through the opposing special team members head on to try to gain some extra yards. Therefore, the ideal HuskerBoard KR has Running Back capabilities. You might want to consult the description of RB (not afraid to take hits, consistent, competitive, reliable) in order to best make a nomination/vote.
  • High top speed – Josh Davis was the prototypical KR. He could run straight from his own goal line and reach a very high speed by the time he got to the 20. By this time, the defense has hit the wedge and he could either find the seam to take it to the house or blast through the best hole he could find to get some yardage. A poster who really gets on a roll with their posts and can find that bit of extra info that someone opened up for him would be a great KR.
  • Dangerous - He may not be on the field a lot, but when he is, look out! A threat to take it all the way


Please nominate the person you feel best exemplifies these traits on HuskerBoard.


Not eligible: TonyStalloni (KR last year)GSG, zoogs, ColoradoHusk, Moiraine, Redux, Hedley Lamarr, teachercd, BigRedBuster, seaofred92, In the Deed the Glory, VectorVictor, dudeguyy, Stumpy1, Red Five, ScottyIce, TGHusker, famoustitles, B.B. Hemingway, Cdog923, RedDenver, Dilly Dilly, gobiggergoredder, commando, The Dude, lo country, NM11046, Qmany, huKSer, ladyhawke, The Murphinator (already elected this year)



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