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Recruiting Areas for Assistant Coaches

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McKewon Article


Essentially this:

Beckton - Atlanta area, Orlando, north Florida near Jacksonville

Chinander - Alabama, Iowa, Florida panhandle, Hawaii

Fisher - Miami & Dade County, St. Louis

Dewitt - The rest of south Florida besides Miami (Broward, Collier, Lee, Palm Beach counties), Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Garden City C.C.

Ruud - Tampa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas

Austin - Houston

Held - Junior Colleges, Kansas City, Dallas-Fort Worth, Kansas, Oklahoma, and wherever else Frost wants him

Walters - California

Verduzco - California

Dawson - "just about everything north and east of Ohio"


This is obviously a starting point and they'll go where the recruits are, but it's a general breakdown of their regions.  I have to think Austin has more than one city to focus on though.



“Go after ’em all,” Beckton said. “And then if Florida, Georgia comes in there and guys commit, you keep an eye on it, but you move on to the next guy. We have a huge list of kids, and we have a pecking order, and if some of those kids commit on the list, we move down.”


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