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Navy SEAL Damian Jackson

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2 hours ago, The Dude said:


Why do you assume it's the majority?

Didnt get that either.  Dude is a beast.  In a way that beastly things are truly measured.  Does it translate to great on the gridiron (or even getting onto)?  Who knows.  Will his previous experiences translate into positive attributes on the team and field?  IMHO, yes.  Iron sharpens iron.......

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On April 21, 2018 at 8:10 AM, funhusker said:

Yes he's an example of hard work and dedication, but so are a lot of coaches on this staff.  It's going to come down to coaching on and especially off the field.


People identify and respond best with those they view as their peers. Coaches are not peers to the players. A coach tries to establish an infrastructure, but it is absolutely imperative to establishing a culture that peer leaders are identified that can help transition what the coach wants to the player.


That's not me suggesting our players don't listen to the coaches or anything of the sort, it's just how people operate. 

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His physical attribute, his training in hand to hand combat,  his ability to survive.  It willbe very hard to be matched by any on this team or any team.  He has played for his life, a lot different than most of these guys..  I know some come from inner cities and are tough kids.  But his training and life seem to be about honor and loyalty.  He truly is a warrior if all the stories are true.  Facing death, while learning your team's strong and weak points is a different deal than playing football.  Teaching them to trust each other will be on of his strong points I think.


He obviously has talent or Coach Riley and Coach Frost would not have kept him.  I believe he is there to lead and hopefully gets to play.  Being around people like that is not the norm.  I am so glad he was allowed to carry the flag the first game.  He certainly has earned that.  I hope he becomes a legendary player for Nebraska.  

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On 4/25/2018 at 8:45 AM, huskerfan333157 said:

Why don't we get every former navy seal out there and develop them?  Seems like the majority think he'll be able to play after a year (even though he's never played football in his life).  


Image result for female navy seal

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I say we wait and see what he is capable of.  He is exactly what Coach Frost is looking for in every player.  Reading about him, I don't think he has ever failed at anything he has put his mind to.  Very intersted in how things turn out for him.  He has the drive, the will and now the what we all think are the coaches.  I hope he makes all of his goals, because if he does, that makes Nebraska that much closer to being what we all want.

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9 hours ago, Making Chimichangas said:


What are you basing this off of?


I don't mean to speak for @Danimal but his comment was made most likely because if Jackson wants to play in the NFL, there is an established route that Nate Boyer built.  Boyer is a former Green Beret that walked on at Texas and became the long snapper for the team.  The Seahawks gave him a look in 2015 and he was able to get a little bit of run in preseason but was unfortunately cut before the season started.  I've included a link to his wiki bio as Boyer is a really cool story.




I'm a big Seahawks fan so I watched the Boyer story with quite a bit of interest to see if he would be able to make the team.  When I saw that Jackson mentioned he was training to be a long snapper, I immediately thought of Boyer.

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