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I think the ammo/health adjustments are among the most intriguing changes to me and I'll be interested to see how those mechanics play out. As we all know, some aspects of reality don't always translate to strong game mechanics, so having to interact directly with ammo to pick it up (especially if you're already pretty limited from the beginning) could make things really interesting.


The limited health revival, similarly, isn't something I'm used to seeing in competitive FPS games. The standard for awhile now has been regenerative health you either get back over time or can get back quicker by standing near med packs. It's also pretty common/easy to lose health in Battlefield games (or, at least, it has been) due to all of the angles, the speed of the game, the vehicles, grenades, etc. At face value, I'm not crazy about the idea of having to potentially play more conservative lest I put myself at a competitive disadvantage against a player who just spawned or has been defending a position for a long time.



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I think the the revive mechanics will be a welcome addition. Plus, anyone can revive you, but the medic will be the only one that can fully heal you. In general, it seems DICE is trying to minimize the whole running around like headless chickens.

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