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*** 2021 Recruiting ***

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NT - We'll see where some of the current young guys end up playing.  But a true NT would be really handy in this class.

TE - Didn't take one in 2020 so we'll need to make up for that.

QB - The odds would tell you that it's unlikely both McCaffrey and Smothers graduate here.  Have to have one every class.


2021 Profiles

Current Scholarships/Commits

Official Visit Trackers: 247 - Rivals

RB - 2 - Cornelius ShawKelly LoiseauCaleb BerryMalik NewtonProphet BrownDeshun MurrellLogan DiggsGabe Ervin
WR - 2-3 - Jaylin NoelRomello BrinsonJace WilliamsTommi HillChauncey MagwoodXavier WorthyKeontez LewisPatrick BryantShawn HardyMichael JacksonCristian DixonBryson GreenBlaine GreenAndrel AnthonyJaedon WilsonSimeon Price
TE - 2 - AJ RollinsThomas FidoneMiles CampbellJUCO Quentin MooreErik OlsenGunnar HelmDametrious Crownover
OT - 2-3 - TEDDY PROCHAZKA, BRANSON YAGERCaleb BanksMarcus MbowMaximus Gibbs

NT - 1-2 - Michael MokofisiTaleeq RobbinsTim Keenan
DE - 2-3 - Ryan Keeler, Omarion Fa'amoeDerek WilkinsTobechi OkoliRu'Quan BuckleyTrinity Bell
ILB - 2 - RANDOLPH KPAICHRISTOPHER PAULSeth MalcomDeshauwn AlleyneBaron HopsonCollin Oliver

OLB - 2-3 - PATRICK PAYTONTJ Bollers, Dylan BrooksJeremiah WilliamsNaquan BrownTyler McLaurinIan JacksonPatrick Hisatake

CB - 1-2 - Kaleb HigginsJimmy WyrickJUCO De'Jahn WarrenJamier Johnson
S - 1-2 - Bryce StephensTyler HibblerWil LatuKamren Kinchens


Early enrollees: Prochazka, Kpai, Paul


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FWIW, we were one of Patrick Payton's first offers.  Which would have been basically a year ago.  But he was almost completely under the radar as far as recruiting services talking about him being a N

I think we could get half this class from Nebraska, Iowa and Miami Northwestern and be in pretty good shape.

We are killing it in Florida We are getting some players out of Alabama We have a nice Georgia pipeline going If we could somehow get traction in St. Louis things could really take off.

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25 minutes ago, BigRedBuster said:

I think he tends to go negative.  But, I also think he's maybe the best writer in the Nebraska press.  Even though he's negative, many times he's not wrong and he backs it up with information and data.

I like Dirk, and think he's a good writer.  He can be a bit snarky, but that's about the only complaint I have on him.  Unfortunately, with the information and data which Nebraska has seen in the past 20 years, it's mostly negative results and data.

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1 minute ago, Red Five said:

Not exactly apples to oranges here.  Harrison Phillips ended up going to one of the best schools in the country in Stanford.  The other kids are (for now) going to Iowa and Minnesota.


True, but the stuff he brings up isn't specific to Stanford vs. Nebraska. So it would apply in either case - I think the kicker though is a lot of his wondering comes back to the fact that he loves the state of Nebraska, and wants to stay there after football. If Dickerson and Johnson aren't really attached to that, not being instantly recognized in the state and not meeting Warren Buffett aren't really big deals.

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If I had to go out on a limb, I would go with Geno VanDeMark or Riley Leonard but might be wrong. 


Little FYI,  Go check out Terrance Lewis's twitter handle and then check out Henry Lutovsky's tweet. 

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Will be interesting to see if Isaiah Newcombe gets an offer soon. Name should sound familar....


Utah and Boise offered recently. 


ATH, could play either side. Utah wants him at safety. Said in an article the other day that communication with us and UCLA picking up. High 10's 100 guy. 

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