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*** 2021 Recruiting ***

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FWIW, we were one of Patrick Payton's first offers.  Which would have been basically a year ago.  But he was almost completely under the radar as far as recruiting services talking about him being a N

I think we could get half this class from Nebraska, Iowa and Miami Northwestern and be in pretty good shape.

We are killing it in Florida We are getting some players out of Alabama We have a nice Georgia pipeline going If we could somehow get traction in St. Louis things could really take off.

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Just now, Huskers93-97 said:

So for those in the know. I know we are watching Avante Dickerson to see if he commits. Who else are we watching between now and signing day?


As far as I know, Davon Townley is the only other high school kid in play.  Other than those two, I would expect any available spots to be filled with transfers and probably not until late spring/summer.



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Looks like we'll hold at #20 - I thought we might slide a spot or two as other schools pick up commits.


#5 in the B1G has been pretty steady.  Wisconsin ahead of us but Penn State behind us leave us netted in the same spot we usually occupy.



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I'm glad to see this happen.  Grant Lohr, son of former Husker, Jason Lohr, played for State Champion Jenks  in Okla largest division. If you know anything about Okla HS football, Jenks has been the dominant school for the past 30 years winning 15 state championships since 1993. He was a standout player for Jenks and  an All World (Tulsa World newspaper) finalist.   He was recruited as a RB and signed as a preferred walk-on.


I suspect we will see him playing and contributing on the field in short time.   A good short interview is on the link as well.









JENKS — All-World finalist Grant Lohr is following in his father's footsteps to Nebraska.

On Wednesday, Lohr signed as a preferred walk-on with the Cornhuskers after receiving their offer on Tuesday night.

"It’s a big honor to play for the Cornhuskers, my dad played there and to carry on his legacy means the world to me," Lohr said. "Nothing in the world could beat that."


Lohr is an All-State selection just as his father, Jason, was at Jenks in 1997. He then played in 45 games as a defensive lineman at Nebraska from 1998-2003.


Wednesday brought back signing day memories from 1998 to Jason Lohr, who was at his son's ceremony at Frank Herald Field House.

"We were on the west end of the stadium in a small room," Jason Lohr said. "I remember sitting down and doing all that — it seems like it was just yesterday but now it's been over 20 years. Time flies and I don’t know where it went. You blink and it's over."

Grant Lohr, also a standout as a defensive back, was recruited as a running back by Nebraska. The Cornhuskers' running backs coach is former Northeastern A&M head coach Ryan Held.



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