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*** 2021 Recruiting ***

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FWIW, we were one of Patrick Payton's first offers.  Which would have been basically a year ago.  But he was almost completely under the radar as far as recruiting services talking about him being a N

I think we could get half this class from Nebraska, Iowa and Miami Northwestern and be in pretty good shape.

We are killing it in Florida We are getting some players out of Alabama We have a nice Georgia pipeline going If we could somehow get traction in St. Louis things could really take off.

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Here are the number of recruits we have taken 2002.   Please note transferring nowadays is a lot easier so class numbers might be higher as a result. 


2002  - 21

2003 -  19

2004 -  20

2005  - 32

2006  - 22

2007 - 27

2008 - 28

2009 - 20

2010 - 22

2011 - 20

2012 - 19

2013 - 25

204 -  25

2015 - 21

2016 - 21

2017 - 20

2018 - 25

2019 - 28

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Hopefully we have at least a dozen solid commits for 2020 class by June this summer, all of which need to be top 60 rated by position.  I would hope that starting with this class they can target only top level guys and maybe keep the offer numbers down in three hundred or less range.   They need to be even more choosy in my view as they have much more time to search and evaluate and get to know and build relationships etc.   maybe wishful thinking but the coaches have now had two years (excluding pre NU time) to make connections with schools and coaches and players.  

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