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The Calm Before the Storm

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The day is upon us...


If most of us are honest with ourselves, this feeling has been dormant for 3 years.  The excitement, the passion, the anticipation, the nerves, the optimism, the pessimism, the wonder, the goosebumps and the cold tickle on the back of your neck when Nebraska begins their march towards the field for the first time in a year while 90,000 lose their collective minds.


Yes we have endured some trying times.  And many of us tried remaining calm as the fire engulfed what we once enjoyed.  Today, August 31st 2018 is the last day of "The Calm".  Tomorrow, is a new beginning.  As fresh a start as a program of this caliber fallen on hard times can get.  The hometown hero, the prodigy is officially home to right the wrongs and steer the ship back on course.  A tall task for even the mightiest of men, but one met head on by what could truly be the next in a short list of whose who dynasty coaches.


When Nebraska takes the field tomorrow night, lose your collective minds and get lost in the moment.  Relish how good that feeling once again feels.  Regardless of where you are, whether it be Memorial Stadium to your couch, remember those emotions that sweep over you.  For those are once in a lifetime feelings.  The obsession with college football, and the thrill we get from Nebraska playing aren't something to take lightly.  Personally those feelings haven't been felt since the Fall of 2014.  But tomorrow night the forecast reads "WARNING, FROST ADVISORY".


Today is the last day of "The Calm", the final stage of being indifferent towards something we once felt perhaps overly passionate about.  The future is here...



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I've been ready since the UN-L admin announced that the ginger assassin was out.  Think back to the fall.

1.  Wheels fall completely off the football program in an obvious and embarrassing manner.

2.  We all see the 'strain' along with Diaco.

3.  Eichhorst is fired.

4.  A Husker Legend fills in as temp AD and the fire gets turned up a notch.

5.  Bill Moos is announced and after a bit of head scracthing and googling, but mostly listening to the guy...confidence takes a giant step.

6.  Riley and staff are shown the door.

7  Huskerboard has the "Scott Frost Mega-Thread" that outshines the Sock Puppet thread in intensity....those were some shining days...hoping, hoping, hoping...but, but, but..the past kept haunting us

8.  Scott Frost is announced and I'm guessing everyone of us has been ready for tomorrow's kickoff since the moment Scott was announced.

9.  Phenomenal recruiting efforts stoke the fire.



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Been ready since the week following our loss at Penn State when the deal was made...

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11 minutes ago, B.B. Hemingway said:

But first! A good night's rest.... Just like Coach Frost and Mr. Ellis would want. 


Fat chance of that happening. 

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