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Fall-out from Cancellation

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So, aside from major frustration for everyone that was jacked up for the first game of the Scott Frost era, what is the fall-out from this cancellation?


It would be nice to have a game under our belts before Colorado for sure.  Maybe the lads will be so pissed that they'll practice at a fever pitch this week and just take it out by brutalizing Colorado.


Going with the pundits saying our over/under was 6.5, missing out on this presumed win hurts the bowl picture possibly.


One less game of injuries though?  Fresher longer?


One more week for Bunch and Mazur to get some practice reps?


We didn't provide Colorado any film for their prep.


Shouldn't matter within the conference regarding the CC situation, but on the chance that we excel, it could hurt the playoff picture (a long, long, long shot to be sure).


What other positive or negative effects might this cancellation have on the Huskers?



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Negative-   I now have 3 1/2 hours of a Baylor game on my DVR.

????? I'm more worried about the committee taking an 12-1 Georgia team over a 12-0 Nebraska.

My 6-year-old daughter cried.     I spent all summer teaching her the rules of the game on Madden and indoctrinating her to be a Husker fan.     Her little heart was broken.

1 hour ago, BoSolich said:

could be a good thing. we need martinez healthy all year long to have a good season.


and no other players were at risk of injury.


it worked out well for ucf last year.

just dawned on my that wherever Frost is  games get canceled. Hhhmmm

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If bowl eligibility is a concern I'm sure they will fit some FCS school in at the end of the season, I doubt it will be however.  


Colorado is a tougher opener than Akron would have been.  Really wish the kids visiting this weekend would be granted a waiver to come back to see next week's game, they must really feel disappointed.  

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5 minutes ago, Cdog923 said:

The biggest will be if Nebraska is sitting at 5 wins at the end of the year and can't make a bowl because of it.



not or having this game gives us very little margin for error to become bowl eligible. Plus it was a big recruiting weekend, and all the people that lost money or first game experiences.... on and on it feels like a loss. It will feel a lot better if we handle Colorado next week, but if we lose that one it will feel even worse. This situation just plain sucks all around

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