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2 hours ago, krc1995 said:

He could have left when POB did and let us find someone else.  He ate reps and ate a roster spot. By all accounts, he worked extremely hard for a year and half, and then just quit when he didn't get his way.  What a waste of a year and half for him.   Maybe it works out for him, but I don't care if it does because he put my team in a bind-but I guess that's just me being selfish.  


And the excuse of the scheme just doesn't suit him is crap.  It's not like he didn't know what the scheme was going to be in December when Frost was hired.  

Except he had a shot to start and the coaches likely sat POB down and told him he was 5th on the depth chart and he should move on. Two completely different scenarios. He provided great competition for Martinez and for that I am thankful. He's talented and deserves to start if he really was neck and neck with Martinez because he looked pretty good out there today. 

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1 hour ago, Branno said:


Ultimately, that's the part that's causing so much of an issue here. Both sides are selfish, and should be.


The coaches and fans want to have a player of Gebbia's capabilities as a backup. To say any different would be a lie.  But it is selfish.


Gebbia wants to be a starter, which was never going to happen here outside of an injury. While we're in the future, that's a lot to bank your collegiate and possible professional career on. He needed to put himself in the best position to be a starter, and that was not at NU after Coach Frost said the only reason he isn't the starter is due to Martinez being a little more mobile (or something to that effect, I don't care enough to look up the exact quote but they were essentially tied). This is selfish.


Coach Frost took 2 players of equal skill (neck and neck?) and used fit as a tie breaker. Martinez fit the scheme more than Gebbia. It's telling he went to Oregon State and not another RPO/Zone read school. He is a pro-QB that worked his ass off to play here. It didn't work out.


What is crap, however, is that Gebbia should be selfess to serve the selfish needs of fans and coaches. And that's what I take offense to. That long time members are disparaging him (just look through this thread around the time Martinez got hurt, it's horrifying). I lost a lot of respect for many members of the board today.

Just stop talking.  Gebbia is a quitter.  Plain and simple.  

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