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Adrian Martinez Injury

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Just now, runningblind said:

You can still be positive and know that Bunch isn't winning the West, it's ok.


This year was always about culture shift and learning how to do things for the future. Wins will be nice, but focus on the big picture even without them.


The sky isn't falling even if AM is out for the year. 

Frost and coaches will gameplan accordingly to tailor the offense to fit Bunch’s strengths and abilities. Luckily we have a good WR group that can make his life a little bit easier. We definitely lose some of explosiveness in our run game, but all we need it someone to protect the ball and be efficient.

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I think the fact that Gebbia transferred leaving no scholarship qb's at backup is making the panic alarm sound a little louder than needed.  Bunch didn't look awful in the short time we saw him, we still have very little info to go on in regards to the injury.  Wait and see is our best option here. The encouraging part is he didn't' seem to be in a lot of pain.

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10 minutes ago, In the Deed the Glory said:


Agree, especially if they lean on those RB and get the WR in the run game more.  Gameplan was solid against this team.  We moved the ball nearly at will, just killed by turnovers.


Moved the ball well and that was as conservative as I've ever seen Frost call a game. 

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6 minutes ago, brophog said:


Moved the ball well and that was as conservative as I've ever seen Frost call a game. 


3 minutes ago, In the Deed the Glory said:

I agree.  Very little involvement from WR or Duck-R in running game.  Not very aggressive in passing game.  Of course, when you are running it like that you don't have to.  This offense can be good, if AM is healthy.



Even though I hate to say it...  This would be my one negative against Frost this game.  And I’m as big of Frost supporter as they come.  

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First, let me say that Gebbia leaving was his choice and I don't "wish" he'd have stayed.  Knowing he bolted as soon as he wasn't starter says loads about his team mentality.  Team of 1.  And I do understand his need to feel like he's doing the best for his future. (Or his dad as it may be).  By the way..how many snaps did Tristan take today?  Heh heh.


Now, having said that, I wonder if Frost has had any thoughts of his decision.  Maybe make Gebbia the starter for the first game.  If they were that close maybe reward him for sticking around.  Playing one or two games, then switching to Martinez if Gebbia didn't work out, it would have been much harder for Gebbia to bolt then.  I really highly doubt Martinez would have left if Gebbia had been named starter for game one.


Who know and who really cares.  Just an interesting thought.


BTW...I think Bunch is going to make a lot of believers next week when the game is planned around him.

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