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2021 G Hunter Sallis

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If he ends up at KU or UNC I will be unhappy but I will understand.  If he ends up at Creighton, I will be using words that I can't use on this board.

Definitely agree here.   The only thing I would add is I will be interested to see what he does in college.  I'm not scout and I have basically no experience watching high-end D1 prospects i

Fred could have 5 official visits, a bag full of money, the kid's favorite pizza and the A Team from Shakers, the odds are heavily against Sallis coming to Nebraska. 

He won’t go to Kentucky, they just received a 4 star point guard commit today(Nolan Hickman) and are likely to reclassify a 2022 five star point guard(Skyy Clark). I still view North Carolina as the leaders because most likely Caleb Love leaves for the NBA after his lone season and they have no backup plan if they lost out on Sallis. I feel like Kansas and Nebraska are right on their heels coming in as 2nd and 3rd as of now. Gonzaga, Oregon, Louisville, and Kentucky should all be fine at point guard and that should stray Sallis away from them. 

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12 minutes ago, suh_fan93 said:


No doubting that. 



I doubt he goes to Creighton out of high school. My guess is that he gives it a shot at one of the big time programs, and possibly/probably transfers after a lack of success at that school.


EDIT: Maybe NU or Creighton will have a better shot at him as a transfer. 

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