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The "Mike Riley" curse...


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1 minute ago, billdozer15 said:


You know, I can actually see this. The bar was set at such a high level for such a long time by Tom Osborne that 5 coaches later he is still the measuring stick. Most of the time a coach is measured against the guy previous to him but at Nebraska, T.O. will always be the measuring stick. Which in a way could be a curse.

It's not really a curse but I believe letting TO hand pick his successor started this downward trend.




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14 minutes ago, LaunchCode said:

Why do people keep referring to SF as the "Podigal Son". 


Clearly either people don't know what prodigal means, or SF's history and accomplishments as written in numerous articles are entirely inaccurate. 


Perhaps prodigy is the word some folks are after?



Or they're just quoting the biblical parable of "The Prodigal Son" in the simplest meaning of he left and later returned

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4 minutes ago, jsneb83 said:

Or they're just quoting the biblical parable of "The Prodigal Son" in the simplest meaning of he left and later returned

Then why say the Prodigal Son returns.


Going with your explanation that would translate to: the returning son returns?  I think you're being generous. 


Saying our Prodigy Son has returned would be acceptable, but calling SF a Prodigal Son carries a very negative connotation with regard to his character and decision making.


Ok maybe I'm being way to picky for a football message board, but it bugged me when the announcers used it during UM game and every other time I read or hear it used.  lol  

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1 hour ago, Fru said:


In hindsight, perhaps, but thinking back to 1997... Would you rather have the guy who played LB for Devaney and turned a doormat program into Rose Bowl Champs, or the guy whose defense you just put 62 points on?

I think Bob Stoops became Florida DC after the Fiesta Bowl win


And Barry won the Rose Bowl and then followed it up with seasons of 7, 4,8,8 wins.  So it wasn’t until AFTER 97 that he got better significantly.  And he still had another losing season in 2001.


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Wasn't sure where to put this, but here's as good as any -- I urge you to listen to the latest "Husker Doc Talk" - Rob Z has basically been saying since before the season that if we won 5 games, we should be thrilled.  (I was like, 'blah blah blah', Scott will turn this thing around  fast!  Bzz, wrong).   He talked me down from the ledge a bit.  I wasn't really on the ledge, but was about to climb up. 


One thing he did keep emphasizing was how Riley just completely destroyed this team and it's going to take awhile to rid ourselves of his "curse".  (Not those words, exactly, but same diff).  My thought process was that of, "we're going a little overboard with this blaming EVERYTHING on Riley", but after listening to Rob Z, he was adamant that all the blame is well placed on Riley and that it will turn around but will take time.  He and other former players know that it's going to turn around based on what they're seeing Scott do, but that culture was just more broken than any of us casual fans even knew. 


Skip to about 8 minutes in to get to actual football discussion




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