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The "Mike Riley" curse...


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1 hour ago, Mavric said:


You are right.  They mostly trace back to Harvey Pearlman.  Riley was a patsy.

What cracks me up to think about, also sad at the same time, were the days of those trashing on TO some years back for being a bad AD based on hiring Solich and Pelini. Even hiring Tim Miles was a step up and produced better results than what we witnessed for 20 years prior and recent years now (although I’ll still hold out for Fred, but…ugh). 

Hoping another “football” guy can help get the program back on track and actually support the coach. 

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On 9/25/2018 at 4:36 PM, Fru said:


Thats right, my mistake, he was at KSU. 


I still think at that time what Barry had accomplished with the Wisconsin program as a whole, exceeds what Stoops had done at that point in their respective careers. 


It’s all speculation. But I admit that it’s difficult to see Wisconsin have the success that they’ve had, and know that it’s all due to a guy who wanted to be here. 

It was rumored that Barry Alvarez would have accepted an offer at ND to replace St Lou. Alvarez was the DC for our last national championship and ND had trouble finding a suitable replacement through the early 90s.  


But it wasn't offered.  Maybe Alvarez is a little short on people skills. 

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