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Hot Sauces

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Just now, knapplc said:


I'll have to watch that. She's pretty cool.


What do you eat the garlic sauce on?



I always test them on a chip or something first. That one I ended up using to flavor this:




It's basically a vegan almond dip. They chipotle flavor is the best but we got the plain in a variety pack so I kicked it up with the garlic reaper. I think you could use it on pizza or wings or even make a spicy garlic vegetable dip my mixing it with mayo or sour cream. 


This one is a killer but it saved our plant-based meat chili:




Just a few drops killed the odd taste from the pbm and kicked the spice level up. 



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37 minutes ago, GSG said:

That one I ended up using to flavor this:





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I like my sauces like I like my horseradish sauce.  Enough to make your hair tingle. 

I've never been one to enjoy the extreme heat.

Part of the issue is I don't want to be eating something so spicy you're afraid to sneeze and accidentally crap your pants. 

Much respect to those who can handle the heat/inferno. 


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I’m going to try for the first time to make and bottle my own hot sauce. Had to make a quick decision so I have jalapenos and Fresno peppers planted. 

should be interesting. 

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