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Maryland Sucks, Who Can We Steal?

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A source said that athletic director Damon Evans informed the team of the decision with Durkin present. Durkin met with the players with no other coaches present before a regularly scheduled practice, and sources told ESPN that several players, including starters, walked out of the meeting with Durkin.

With the new transfer rules I don't believe Maryland can block transfer to another B1G school.

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1 hour ago, TonyStalloni said:

Either the players who liked Durkin or those that wanted him gone will be chapped.  I would think there would be more than a few transfers.


I totally agree. ESPN reported that players got up and walk out of his first team meeting back. I can't imagine those kids will want to stay around that toxic culture. Also how in the hell does the football program not go in the tank now? There is no way as a parent I could trust him with my son. No matter what he says about how he will take care of him. And you know every other team that is going for the same recruits will use it against him. IMO Maryland made a big mistake bringing him back.

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1 hour ago, Moos is Loos said:

do they have anyone worth stealing?

Doesn't matter, we only had a few day window to steal recruits before Maryland got smart.

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