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2019 Baseball Schedule

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I will have the 2019 schedule posted here as well as updates to times, tv and opp records. *ALL TIMES CENTRAL

02/15 @ UC Riverside 8pm 

02/16 @ UC Riverside 2pm and 5:30pm 

02/17 @ UC Riverside 3pm

Big Ten/Pac-12 Challenge (Surprise Stadium)

02/21 vs. Oregon St 2pm

02/22 vs. Oregon St 2pm

02/23 vs. Oregon St 6pm

02/24 vs. Oregon St 11am

Frisco College Baseball Classic (Dr. Pepper Ballpark)

03/01 vs. Texas Tech 7pm

03/02 vs. Sam Houston St 2pm

03/03 vs. Mississippi St 11am

03/05 vs. Omaha 1:35pm

03/08 vs. Baylor 1:35pm

03/09 vs. Baylor 2:05pm

03/10 vs. Baylor 1:05pm

03/13 vs. NDSU 1:35pm

03/15 vs. New Mexico St 6:35pm

03/16 vs. New Mexico St 2:05pm

03/17 vs. New Mexico St 12:05pm

03/19 vs. Air Force 1:35pm

03/20 vs. Air Force 1:35pm

03/22 vs. Michigan St* 6:35pm

03/23 vs. Michigan St* 2:05pm

03/24 vs. Michigan St* 1:05pm

03/26 vs. Creighton 6:35pm (TD Ameritrade Park)

03/29 @ Minnesota* 3pm
03/30 @ Minnesota* 1pm

03/31 @ Minnesota* 1pm

04/02 @ Kansas State 6pm

04/05 vs. Purdue* 6:35pm

04/06 vs. Purdue* 2:05pm

04/07 vs. Purdue* 12:05pm

04/09 vs. Creighton 6:35pm

04/12 @ Penn State* 5:30pm

04/13 @ Penn State* 5:00pm

04/14 @ Penn State* 11am

04/16 vs. Kansas State 6:35pm

04/17 @ Omaha 6:35pm (Werner Park)

04/19 @ Iowa* 6:05pm

04/20 @ Iowa* 2:05pm

04/21 @ Iowa* 1:05pm

04/23 vs. Creighton 6:35pm (TD Ameritrade Park)

04/26 vs. Illinois 6:35pm

04/27 vs. Illinois 2:05pm

04/28 vs. Illinois 11:05am

05/04 @ Northwestern 2pm

05/05 @ Northwestern 1pm

05/06 @ Northwestern 3:30pm

05/10 vs. Arizona State 6:35pm

05/11 vs. Arizona State 2:05pm

05/12 vs. Arizona State 1:05pm

05/16 vs. Michigan 6:35pm

05/17 vs. Michigan 6:35pm

05/18 vs. Michigan 2:05pm

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16 hours ago, sockboy89 said:

Better win something relevant this year

You're totally correct. Again Big Ten Tournament is in Omaha, need to show up in postseason... AND MAKE IT to postseason

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