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Offensive Efficiency

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I think Armstrong would have flourished under Frost assuming Frost & Mario had a couple years to work with him.  His accuracy on  short passes could have been improved with some help from Mario and his running ability was very good.  He seemed fairly accurate on the deep ball when not trying to throw into double coverage which wouldn't have been as much of a problem with Frost's offense.

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I think there are two possibilities if Frost inherited Armstrong.  


First, as @ColoradoHusk said, Frost goes run-heavy and Armstrong racks up a lot of rushing yards.  They minimize the passing attempts so the offense isn’t nearly as complete but Armstrong can do enough with his feet and what Frosts asks him to do throwing that the offense is still pretty decent.


But I think the second option is more likely.  Frost is able to still able to grab a new recruit that better fits his system.  Perhap not to Martinez’s level but still one who is able to out-perform Martinez win the job as someone who is closer to what Frost wants and better able to implement the entire offense.  

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