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Martinez Top-Rated B1G QB This Week

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Something rare compared to the entire generation. Since only a select few people play college football and some of them (IE: Lindsay, Gebbia) would not fit into the "rise above" in regard to integrity IMO, this and analogy applies aptly.


I'd like to remind everyone that this side discussion began when I insinuated there was once a time when integrity and someone's word meant something, even to 18 and 19 year old kids. Proving that if there is a bad behavior or soceital flaw,, someone will always be there to justify or defend make an excuse for it. Reaffirming my general cynicism and generational criticism.

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At this point, I think Adrian Martinez is the BEST QB in the Big Ten and may be one of the top three in the country.   I doubt Frost would trade him for any other QB anywhere.   


I think if we can find players of his caliber for most of the other positions, we can be playing for championships BEFORE Adrian is gone.   He definately looks like an NFL level talent already and once he has a sophomore season of further learning and experience, he can be a Heisman candidate.   But, then Heisman players should be playing Husker football so it is not to be surprising.


But, finding a way to win 11 games or more has got to be the focus.  The awards will come if the team does well.   

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