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The American Press

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These guys. They're so gullible.  They're such a fantastic mirror to American society. They allow themselves to be led by the nose by any story, no matter how vital, as long as it has sizzle.




We do the same, and there's ample evidence of it right here on HuskerBoard. There are real issues to discuss, but we allow ourselves to be steered into these pointless threads. 


The press needs to be done with this.  I am done with this.  No more responding to these obvious purveyors of...



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We need more Americans to take greater personal responsibility in how and where they get their news. Much of the angst and aggression with the news cycle is often directed at TV media - CNN, Fox, ABC, etc. People are also incredibly enamored with social media. They seem to forget much of what shows up in their timeline is determined by factors out of their control.


Of course, entities like the WaPost and NYT land in the crosshairs with regularity, however their print and online formats allow for a wider (and more in-depth) account of local, national, and world news.


God forbid somebody, you know, actually went to those websites or print formats and took the time to... read... rather than rely on what shows up in their Twitter timelines or shared around their Facebook feeds.


For clarification, I think media outlets need to be better, too. We just all need to be better.

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