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Class of 2019 In-Home Visits

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QB Luke McCaffrey - Nov 25: Frost, Walters, Verduzco, Austin

RB Ronald Thompkins - Nov 27: Frost, Beckton

RB Rahmir Johnson - Nov 27: Dawson; Dec 3: Frost, Held, Dawson

WR Jamie Nance - Nov 25: Walters

WR Darien Chase - Nov 27: Walters

TE Chris Hickman - Nov 29: Ruud

OT Bryce Benhart - Dec 2: Frost, Austin

OT Michael Lynn - Nov 25: Frost, Walters, Verduzco, Austin, Ruud

OT Matthew Anderson - Nov 29: Frost, Austin; Dec 5: Held

DT Tony Fair - Nov 26: Held

DE Mosai Newsom - Nov 26: Dawson; Dec 5: Frost

LB Nick Henrich - Nov 29: Ruud

LB Garrett Nelson - Nov 25: Frost, Ruud, Walters, Verduzco, Austin

LB Jackson Hannah - Nov 27: Ruud; Dec 4: Frost, Ruud

LB Jamin Graham - Nov 28:

B Javin Wright - Nov 25: Chinander, Fisher

DB Quinton Newsome - Nov 27 - Frost, Beckton, Fisher

 S Myles Farmer - Nov 26: Frost, Beckton, Fisher



RB John Bivens - Nov ??: Held

WR Wandale Robinson - Nov 27: Held

WR Winston Wright - Nov 28: Frost; Dec 4: Walters

OT Jeremy James - Nov 27: Frost, Austin, Beckton, Fisher

OT Jimmy Fritzsche - Nov 28: Frost, Austin

DE Ty Robinson - Nov 28: Chinander, Dawson

DE Nick Figueroa - Nov 27: Chinander

DE Smith Vilbert - Nov 27: Frost, Dawson

DE Brant Banks - Nov 29; Frost, Dawson, Austin

DE Smith Vilbert - Dec 3: Frost

LB Lloyd Summerall - Nov 27: Dewitt

LB Dru Mathis - Nov 26: Dewitt

LB Vic Viramontes - Nov 27 - Chinander

LB Amare Barno - Nov 29:

LB Brandon Mack - Dec 4: Chinander, Dewitt

DB Tavian Mayo - Nov 26: Frost

LB Brandon Mack - Nov 29: Chinander

CB Nehemiah Pritchett: Nov 29: Chinander

 S Noa Pola-Gates - Nov 28: Chinander, Fisher, Verduzco

 S Jamel Starks


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3 hours ago, Snowbird said:

Gates/Robinson pushed back to Wednesday. I’m sure so frost can make it but I’m not sure. Headed to LA to see some LBs don’t know who. 

as in Los Angeles or as in the boot? 

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1 hour ago, Snowbird said:

California I believe 

Dru Mathis JUCO LB is located in Ventura just outside of Los Angeles and he visited for MSU game officially....that is my guess 

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