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When 4-8 isn't the same thing as 4-8


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Welp. Here we are again. 4-8, no bowl game, not even remotely ranked.   Just like last year.   Or... is it?   I'm not going to blow sunshine up your behind and tell you t

I really thought Frost would do better than Riley, but he didn't.   Next year. Maybe. 

Oh, yeah. Forgot about schedules.   It gets a bit easier next year.   How do you feel about a Big Ten road schedule featuring Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois and Maryland?  

I thought I'd feel better about 4-8 this year as opposed to last year. But that record sucks just as much.


For me, the difference is this:  Last year, I just wanted to be done watching Husker football.  I wanted it to be over with about three games left  Did not want to see any more games.   This year, 4-8 sucks, but I'm bummed about there being no more games.  Really bummed.


I guess that is a pretty significant difference if you think about it.


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Last year they quit, this year they fought.


Like Frost said they had to figure it out themselves. Had the team flipped the switch in August instead of after Northwestern, they are bowl bound and may an 8 win team.


But I'm glad they figured it out and finished stronger.

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Adrian Martinez was 16 years old the last time he threw a football before this year, and led the nation in yards for a true freshman. He didn't get to play Troy at home and had a schedule as follows:


@ Michigan 

@ Wisconsin

@ Ohio State

@ Northwestern 

@ Iowa


This kid 100% will be getting Heisman votes his JR and SR seasons. He will get some of the head scratchers out of the way and continue to get better. We replace Michigan and Michigan State with Indiana and Maryland with the tough games at home next year. The defense needs improvement, but the turnaround starts next year no doubt. Just have to wait, but it is coming VERY SOON. No doubt about it #GBR

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40 minutes ago, knapplc said:

Oh, yeah. Forgot about schedules.


It gets a bit easier next year.


How do you feel about a Big Ten road schedule featuring Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois and Maryland?


How do you feel about Ohio State, Northwestern, Wisconsin and our rival Iowa at home?


How do you feel about getting another shot at Colorado, with a new coach? Or Northern Illinois with Scott Frost at the helm?  I'm giddy about both of those games.


2019 could be the Husker Vengeance World Tour.


Oh, I am ready for that right now.




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On offense:


- The line needs to be retooled. Some returning starters need to be shuffled into new positions, or onto the bench. Newcomers need to step up on day one. 

- Skill positions might be thin next year, at least at the beginning. After Washington, there's nothing at RB. After JD, there's just Warner at WR. Gotta hope that guys like McQuitty and Woodyard take that next step, and that Jones can stay healthy. TEs will be a strength. 




- A complete overhaul needs to take place at certain spots. Need to find or create a run stuffing NT that commands double teams. Gotta find some OLBs that can rush the passer. Gotta find another ILB to match Berry. 


Special Teams: 


- Pickering can do all the Kickering for all I care. Lightbourne can probably find a new place to play, as I don't see him taking the job back from Armstrong. 

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