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1 hour ago, teachercd said:

Yep!  Agreed, the more choices we present to kids the better.  Faith, sex, gender love, listening, prayer, age, marriage, etc.  There is nothing wrong with opening up discussions on topics that can be difficult.  

Can I identify as a 65 yr old so I can start collecting my social security??

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3 hours ago, teachercd said:

How about a 65 year old bison...I have to imagine that means social security and some wildlife protection funds!

I hear identifying as animals is in.:D

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I think I have heard of Rufo. He pirated a presentation from FSU and a link to the documents.  





Is “dumping” what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp? ;)


“Coordinate grass roots or constituent support for position to achieve an elected officials shift in stance on issue, act as expert witnesses, attend conferences (Task Force, 1986) • Socialize and develop relationships with political operatives, legislative staff and elected officials, provide timely information to become credible resource to those in positions of power to effect change (Vincent, 1990) • Gain knowledge of substance of policy and legislative procedures, reduce complex data into simple, yet informative memos and talking points within political Organizing to change status quo (structural change activism) • Petition drives, picketing, performance art,teach-ins, vigils, overloading administrative systems, rent withholding, strikes, walk-outs, protests, marches, blacklisting, slow downs, sit downs, dumping, demonstrations (Sharp, 2010) • Mobilizing volunteers, boycotting,fasting, being arrested, • nonviolent civil disobedience, community”



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50 minutes ago, nic said:

23 schools in Baltimore with zero students proficient in math. Is that for real? I suppose they need to lower the standards.:sarcasm




Well, this one would have a very awkward next day at work.



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20 hours ago, JJ Husker said:

This is why they’re not proficient in math. The employee identified it as 7” long which confused the students due to it obviously being only 4.5”.

That would do it.

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6 hours ago, nic said:






6 hours ago, nic said:





I don’t think Biden mentioned anything about giving tax dollars to private religious schools.


Thats the big hang up with “school choice”.


Nice pivot by champions of school choice to get the focus off of Desantis and his shenanigans though.  

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