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Defensive Coordinator Voting Thread

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Defensive Coordinator:

  • Defensive mind - This guy is all about keeping people out of the end zone. It's his job to find the correct personnel for each situation and keep the offense from finding a hole or seam to advance the ball. So, when posting on HuskerBoard, this member employs the best info and stats available to defend his arguments from being shot down by others.
  • Knows when to blitz - Sometimes an opponent is in a situation where a blitz will almost surely create a forced throw, a turnover, or a big loss. This poster brings the heat by quickly posting a counter argument to a weak or disjointed post. It almost always squashes the opposing viewpoint before posters can even bother to post against it...therefore many times it's not even necessary to pile it on!
  • Experience - Just like an offensive coordinator, the DC is normally an old defensive player or coached linebackers, the secondary, or the defensive line for several years. We're looking for a veteran poster who has been able to defend HuskerBoard's honor in many ways during his years here.



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