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Defensive End Voting Thread

Starting Lineup  

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Defensive End:

  • Technically Sound - When you're toying with a 320 pound offensive lineman, you need to know how to get past them. Hand technique is crucial! This poster should be a master of the "swim" move (has a free-style), the "rip" move (points out incorrect stats and states his opposing viewpoints freely), and the "bull rush" (sometimes has too much to talk about)! Grant Wistrom and Trev Alberts are two examples of the prototypical Rush End.
  • Reads the QB's eyes - When in a passing situation (and when not trying to sack the QB), this guy is always looking at the passer to see which passing lane he should cover and gets his arms up when the ball is released to knock it down. Ideally, this member intently reads all the opinions of the previous posters and finds out how to best agree or disagree with the viewpoints presented.
  • Great acceleration - This guy has to get off the line fast in order to get to the QB as fast as possible. He should have a sharp burst of energy when the ball is snapped. Therefore, I think this poster should be one of those guys who comes into the forums (the ball is snapped) and immediately posts 3-4 replies to the most recent threads. You see this person's name at the top of the forums a lot!
  • Versatility - Having to be fast enough to get to the QB, big enough to take on the O-line, strong enough to bring down a RB, and quick enough to fall back into a cover-zone. This poster should be seen in all types of forums, flashing knowledge on a wide array of topics. A jack-of all trades.



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