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Tight End Nomination Thread

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Tight End:

  • Durability - Not one to let the time of year or the game influence his play. Just as strong with the posts in March as in October.
  • Knows what's needed - That ability to look around, know where the first down marker is, sit in coverage and convert. Nothing flashy but keeps the posts moving along.
  • Safety valve - Knows that he is often the check-down receiver or the guy the QB looks for in a blitz package. A Mike McNeil type who establishes a reputation in forums and it's assumed he'll fill the role.
  • Downfield blocker - Can move faster than lineman, is usually bigger than a blocking back, and so helps the really big running plays by sealing the corner or flattening a member of the opposing secondary. Versatility with what's said on occasion.
  • Good "Liar" - The TE can act like he's blocking for the run but then quickly releases to become a pass catcher - especially on the fake dive/throw to the TE play at the goal line. That's one of my favorite plays! So, this guy might not always know exactly what he's talking about, but he knows enough to still score points with the members of HuskerBoard.


Please nominate the person you feel best exemplifies these traits on HuskerBoard.


Not Eligible: Stumpy1 & Red Five (TEs last year), RedDenver, In the Deed the Glory, TGHusker, Redux, B.B. Hemingway, JJ Husker, ZRod, Hedley Lamarr & Moiraine (already elected), Admins & Mods



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