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Valentine's Wishes for the Huskers


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There was once a Husker from San Jose

Whose heart was broken on Valentines Day

Hopefully he will find love again at Nebraska, though.


But he needs to learn something,

When you whisper sweet nothings

You probably shouldn’t say “remember that hoe”

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The demise began with Frank

Husker Nation has him to thank

It continued with Billy C

Oh please Lord, have mercy

Then came Purgatory with Pelini

9 wins a year for the big meany

Mike Riley, the former Beaver

The underachieving, overachiever

All seems well, with the return of #7

How many Natty's will he win? Probably 11


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Don't be a fool, the Huskers are the real true Red

To be a Sooner or Badger, I'd rather be Dead.

With Frost at the helm,  championships will again abound

We will be the hunted, and not the tail end of the hound.

For us old timers we've seen championships of 5

I look for 5 more while I remain alive. 

Sabin, Meyer,  will be names of the past,

Devaney, Osborne, & Frost are the names that will last.



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