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$300-million For MLB’s Manny Machado

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The MLB star decided to accept a big money offer from the San Diego Padres.

He was quoted last year as saying he is not a Johnny Hustle type of player, not of the style who would go all-out down the first-base line, and he has no plans to change his effort.

He gets points for honesty. He gets points taken away for having such an attitude.

One can only wonder how much money he could make if he cared enough about the game and the fans who pay to watch to actually hustle. Not that we’ll ever find out, because he has 300 million reasons not to change a thing.

And since they are on the hook for tons of money ahead, the Padres are going to have to do a lot of praying (yes, Padres praying) that this makes sense for them in the end.

Maybe the Padres win a World Series. Maybe $30 million per year is now considered a good investment. If he plays in 150 games a year, he gets $200,000 PER GAME.

Giving good effort is sort of an Old School kind of thing. Not everyone wants to do that. But it never goes out of style. But what kind of message does not hustling send to young people?

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