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A DYNASTY fantasy football league

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Starting a dynasty fantasy football league, pay in is $30. This is how it works:


A regular draft this year.  22 to 25 rounds, you're starting 1 qb, 3 rb, 3 wr, te, 2 flex and 12 to 15 bench spots.  This will be your team moving forward for future years.


During the season you will have 100 faab points for bidding (it's a currency for free agents). If you win a bid on a certain player you will receive that player but the faab points will be taken off your total faab points.  Remember, you'll only get 100 during in season.


For the off season we will have a 4 round rookie draft.   You will also earn 100 more fab points to use throughout the off-season.


You will also have 3 "taxi" spots.  Think of it like baseball's farm system.  Anyone that's been in the league for 4 years or less can be put there and it will not count against a roster spot unless you activate them.  Better for 1st or 2nd year guys that you feel has potential but maybe not ready to make much of a difference yet.


This is something new to where you feel like you're the full gm of your league, you can even trade for draft spots.

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