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Punter Voting Thread

Starting Lineup  

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  • Big Leg - This guy booms the ball down the field (usually 60 yards - 45 yard punts plus their 15 yard dropback!) to give the other team bad field position for their offensive series. Following through the ball and a high leg finish are their trademarks! This member's posts go "a long way" to making his side of the argument better.
  • Unsung Hero - The punter has a specific job, and he does it to the best of his ability. He doesn't normally get a chance to put points on the board, so some fans and players might forget about him. But when he pins the other team by their goal line, it's a big positive for the club! Maybe this guy doesn't get a whole lot of kudos around HuskerBoard, but he can be just as important as an offensive player or a regular poster.
  • Limited appearance - The punter is only needed on 4th downs, so they normally only play 5 - 10 downs a game. I would therefore assume the best choice for HuskerBoard punter is one who isn't a super-prolific poster and is only used when it's necessary!



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