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County-by-County Look at Native-Born Residents

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The Cajun country of South Louisiana is one of many small regions interspersed throughout the U.S. where nearly everyone seems to have grown up nearby. In several rural parishes there, roughly 9 out of every 10 adults were born in the state. The local makeup elsewhere is far different, with as few as 1 in 10 adults born in-state in counties in Florida and Nevada.


These differences are largely a function of migration patterns, as Americans have gradually relocated to recently developed parts of the southern and western U.S. Much like native-born residents, those born abroad are also largely concentrated in relatively few states.


Sometimes a place may be home to a high concentration of natives because of its ability to retain residents, particularly younger adults. But more commonly, this concentration results from a failure to attract outsiders due to a lack of economic opportunity. 


Nationally, about half of adults age 25 and older live in the state where they were born, according to the most recent American Community Survey data from the Census Bureau. We’ve mapped this data for all counties, showing where there are large concentrations of transplants or native-born residents.




Pretty interesting map in the link that show the percentage of residents that were born in-state for each county in the country.

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