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Gunner Voting Thread

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Defensive Special Teamer (Gunner):

  •  Insane - Have you ever seen these idiots play football? They run as fast as they possibly can down the field in order to run into an oncoming wedge/defender head on! But, busting up a wedge to allow another player to make the tackle on the returner is very important. This poster probably has some weird and wild ideas, but still get the job done. Eric Martin is just the most recent example of this position, but Brandon Rigoni may be the best.
  •  Speedy - Once the ball is in the air, the defensive special teamers need to get to the ball as fast as possible to either make the tackle or down a punt close to the opposing goal-line. There's nothing that frustrates a coach more than giving the other team 20 free yards! We need someone who is a speed poster and has the body control and ability to down the ball inside the 10!
  • Young - Coaches love to use true freshmen on special teams. Normally they don't want their skill players getting hurt on a kick/punt coverage or returning. I think this position should be filled by a "rookie" of HuskerBoard - maybe someone who has only been here for 3 months or less...longer if we can't think of anyone.



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