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15 hours ago, ECisGod said:

Agreed - that's why I thought he would be better off staying in college for another year.


I kind of looked at it as stay in college get NIL in the mid-6 figure range and play 30+ minutes every game and likely get drafted higher next year then get mid-7 figures/year on a guaranteed contract or go to the NBA get low 7-figures maybe guaranteed and almost never play.  Yes, he's financially better off in one year, but in three years he's way behind.


Look at what Keegan Murray, Jaden Ivey & Johnny Davis did by staying an extra year.

100% agree but these kids get a plan in their heads and people in their ears and it’s pretty hard to deviate from that. Assuming the plan all along was for him to go after this year and it would’ve taken something pretty substantial for him to not follow through on it

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I do not think this will affect Bryce at all but there will only be 58 picks this year as 2 teams will be forfeiting their second round picks. Miami for tampering with Lowry and Milwaukee for leaking the Boban trade before it happened. They also got a better option in Holiday in a later trade. This year you will only hear 58 players called on draft night. I do not think Bryce's brother Trey makes a roster or gets signed to an NBA team, but I could see him in the G-League or overseas. 



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Bryce has NBA talent.  The league loves specific role players, like specialist (defender is one, 3 pt-shooters is another, RIM protector is another, 6th man scorer).  The rest is star players that can create their own shots, or find the 3pt specialist.  I know Bryce can play, but wonder where he fits in?

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I am not sure if there is a perfect landing spot for Bryce per se. However, the best fit for him in my mind is the San Antonio Spurs. They are a young team that is rebuilding and they have proven time and again that they can develop players. He would also be getting coached by one of, if not the best coach in the league. The proven track record will give him his best shot at making it in the league for a long time. Another team would be the Golden State Warriors as he would learn to move without the ball and play together. He would get some time on that team as they like to rest their starters during the year.

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