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2019-20 Season Notes

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On 11/8/2019 at 10:43 AM, Mavric said:

The best answer is ... we have no idea.


Basically, the question is was that an aberration or how it really is.  Obviously the hope is it was just a bad night on the first time out with a new system and new teammates.  Because if we're really just that bad at shooting it's not going to get fixed this year.  You can get better, but it's a long-term process.  But if it's more just getting comfortable with pacing and spacing, that could get quite a bit better.


I tend to think (hope) that were were just all out of sorts.  We also missed a TON of layups.  I can't believe we are actually that terrible to miss all those short shots as well.  So I'm hoping it will smooth out as they get going.


But it's still pretty concerning.

Well, game two was a little better. At lest they made the majority of free throws. Still missed them at the end when they could have won the game. 

I’m really hoping it’s just early season jitters with all new players. But, what is so concerning is them missing really good looks. 

if it’s not being used to the system, I would think they wouldn’t get the looks. 

Unfortunately I’m wondering if this is what Doc was seeing when he tweeted about needing to be patient. 

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The big thing I am seeing right now is great tempo, but with great speed comes more chance for errors.


I only listened to the game on Saturday, but honestly it just feels like the guys arent executing at the moment.


I thought we had a bit more talent than what we have seen but hard to forget these were all last minute additions. the team will blend... It wont happen this year, but I do believe this team will be fun in 3 years. Go fast and make your easy shots.


I like some of the guys. 


Patience is hard at the moment.

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3 minutes ago, Mavric said:


It has to be in between the ears... maybe the coaches could toss toss it on film to see if there is something wrong with their form but I guess at this point its on the players to figure it out. 


You could easily be 3-1 if you make your free throws. Getting to the line is huge but cant miss the give-me's.

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1 hour ago, BigRedBuster said:

I would love someone to explain why some get this and some don’t. 


Rock paper scissors? Eeny meany minee moe?

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