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Pack Line Defense vs. No Middle

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Interesting insights on what we'll see tomorrow night:



Pack Line Pillars

  1. Cannot get stretched — only the ball defender can go outside the pack line. All other defenders must have at least one foot inside the pack line.
  2. Ball Pressure — as much as possible without getting beat.
  3. Build a Wall — Creates a crowded floor, ball handler cannot see gaps or holes.
  4. Your Position is Your Help — constant repositioning and fight for your vision and gap help. Eliminated two movements eg. help and recover
  5. Aggressive Closeouts — must guard your yard, 3 feet to your left and to your right.
  6. No post feeds from the top.


Jim Boone, Head Coach of Delta State University and pack line promoter talks about “Know Your No’s” — there must be things you do not accept in your defence.

  1. No Paint
  2. No Baseline
  3. No Straight Line Drives
  4. No Rhythm 3's
  5. No Fast Break’s
  6. No 2nd Shots


Why No Baseline?

  1. Keeps us out of rotation.
  2. Prevents mismatches on box outs because we can stay matched up.
  3. Kids we way better ball handlers than 20 years ago, we are positioned to guard dribble penetration.




No Middle Pillars

  1. Stance on the Ball — toes to sideline, extreme ball pressure.
  2. Positioning off the Ball — ready to rotate hard, early on baseline penetration and keep the ball outside the paint.
  3. Rotate with Aggression — pull across down, attack the ball. Have high hands and get deflections on skip passes and kick out’s.


Why No Middle?

  1. Use the sideline/baseline as another defender, there is less space in that area of the floor. Forces lower % shots along the baseline.
  2. Prevents doubt in our defence, we know we are rotating and allows all 5 guys to stay connected.
  3. Offence likes to play pick and roll, or best players like to penetrate through middle of the floor where there is more space. We take away that space.




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