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Senior Phone Plan and new Apple phones

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Ok, my wife and I need to upgrade our phones so we thought we'd take a look at the plans out there.  We are looking at some Senior plans (yea we are over 55) and see if any plans programs you would all recommend that has unlimited talk, text, and decent data.  We aren't gamers and we mainly use the phone just for emls,  news, Huskerboard of course general browsing.

I don't like the plan AT&T suggested to 'keep' our business.  So if you are pleased wt your service let me know the details and if you know a good place to get a Iphone 7 or above (we currently have old LGs and want to move to apple) or a plan that offers nearly free phones - I'm all ears.  We aren't the most tech fluent so your ideas are helpful. 


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