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LeGrone, Hunt Suspended Indefinitely


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I heard that they tried to fraudulently acquire a Husker related message board, and then maliciously incited panic by announcing a fake 10am outage. Frost doesn't stand for that kind of crap. 

You don’t suspend indefinitely and refuse to talk about it if it’s not something serious.

This is the part where I quit reading.

I would think there would be a police trail if it was something like sexual assault or theft.  If sex assault the punishment would also seem inconsistent with what is going on with Mo.  The only way it could be grades is if they really needed to get certain grades in the summer classes and they didn't.  That seems unlikely but possible i guess.  Given the timing (end of camp when depth chart comes out) and the fact that hunt seemed to be in good graces a week ago (meeting with media), I wonder if they had a blow up with coaches or possibly quit when they found out how the depth chart was going to fall.  

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