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*** Official South Alabama Game Thread ***


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Then go root for someone else and leave us Husker fans in peace.

I blame post count per page and ads.

Brilliant adjustments. Eliminating mistakes = eliminating entire offense 

Just now, huskerfan74 said:

Martinez’s owes his defense a round of drinks and plenty of hugs and thanks because he sucked big time and his defense won the game for him. Heisman contender? Very hard to justify....if we stay ranked, I will be so happy.

Who cares about being ranked. We are not a Top 25 team today. 

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Just now, CheeseHusker said:

Trying to think of a hollower victory.


Maybe the OT one against Ball St 


2014 McNeese state. Tied for 59 minutes until Ameer Abdullah had the game winning TD. 2010 South Dakota State where we struggled 17-3. So many games.

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Just now, okaive said:

Atleast Scott recognizes what needs to be done and admits AM is at fault for some of it.  


Martinez looked off. Mentally, physically, every aspect of the game. He didn't have the energy we normally saw last year either. Like some have mentioned, he's either sick, hurt, or dealing with something personal that's affecting his play.


I don't think we're going to find out. I expect coaches to chalk it up to just having an off day and that's it.

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