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What did we learn South Alabama?

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I learned that we have a lot to work on.


No deep throws at all and bad offense. 


We showed we have improved forcing turnovers on defense. 


Martinez was overhyped going into this game. Not sure if the hype got to him or what. We need more receivers to step up. 


We still don't have our starting center figured out. 

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Hey now Jurgens threw a couple deep balls.

Someone was ripping on Martinez for not acting like a team captain in the game thread.   Well, here you go. This is how captains react.    

That I need to ignore preseason hype, full stop.  

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4 minutes ago, MichiganDad3 said:

Something better change on offense, or we will get blown out next week. If AM is no better than today, Luke M. needs to play.


Ah yes, Martinez clearly forgot how to QB. So, after one bad game we should bench him and start the true freshmen who has never played a college games and only has about a year of high school QB experience. 

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I had this team going 9-3, and right now they’re looking like a poor man’s facsimile of Michigan State, which probably gets us to 7-5 at best.


Also, we don’t really have a whole lot of people we can plug into the O-Line to help shore up that weakness. Jurgens was supposed to be great, but I dare say his anemic play was what started the tailspin on offense. 



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Offensive line and the run game or lack of one was the biggest surprise for me but then again we've got newcomers on the line who are getting their first taste of playing.


A Mart will be fine but he did not have his best game.  Not having Stanley out there makes a difference.  


Felt the defense had some big takeaways but they were also streaky.  


This is still a work in progress.





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Defense forced turnovers and the opponent yards per play was pretty good for us.


Only slight concern for offense. We just looked out of rhythm and beat ourselves a lot with big mistakes killing drives. It did not look great but they also got less chances than I think they will normally get. On a positive note Wandale looked like the real deal and Mo Wash is still great. 

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