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*** Official Illinois Game Thread ***


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1 hour ago, lo country said:

I'm with you.  More of a hammer meets nail kind of guy when it comes to what offense I'd like to see us run.  People talk about Wisky never wining anything of consequence with their O, but NU did just fine with it....Get some key skill guys and go back to being NU.


Physical, tough, mean.  Disciplined.  Technique and sound in the basics.  Excelled at the basics.  "Limited play book" from multiple formations.


I think the final product today is what we'd like to see every week obviously it's going to be tough to do week in and week out. But we ran a lot of power runs in this game and a lot of plays. Don't know what SF said after the first half but whatever it was, the team and AM really stepped up. Wan'Dale had a coming out party finally.

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25 minutes ago, Branno said:

Still dodging the actual question I asked. 

How does this team, which you believe to be garbage, win this game?


The answer, is they are better than you think and unlike you don’t give up. 


you still never provided proof of me ever "giving up." I asked you to provide evidence of me saying they'd lose back during the 2nd quarter, and you couldn't do that, because I never said it. What I said was they they were hot garbage, and they were. 11 penalties and 4 turnovers confirm that. I also predicted them to win a close game, which they did. Your argument is invalid. Go to bed.

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I thought the playmakers did just that, the to's sucked.  The O-Line opened some holes and gave A-Mart plenty of time.  A-Mart finally looked like himself the latter half of the 3rd quarter on.


We have weapons to use on OSU.   This game has got to make this team tighter and stronger.   Husker For Life!

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2 hours ago, lo country said:

And sadly the QB to make the reads....Wish we knew what was up with Martinez.

He's the runner that I said was missing. Is he gonna act timid for half of every game? Vedral can play....if Martinez doesn't want to he can go sit down. And the O line, they can't block good enough to power in against Illinois from 1 foot? Then they can't handle field goal blocking either? Pretty sure the problem is the line, Frost, and Martinez...not our skill players.

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